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  • OSDial open source, license-free predictive dialer for 6-600 seats (We work with all dialers.)
  • Hosted or on-site systems
  • Manager monitor & Barge
  • Remot agents
  • Mixed in/outbound capaigns
  • Hundreds of recording options
  • Easy customization
  • Real time monitoring and statistical reports
  • On-site training & full support from lead loading to custom reports
  • Interactive voice recorder systems fully integrated with database, phone system and website
  • PCI and HIPPA compiant for credit card and ACH transactions
  • New programs installed and o-line quickly
  • Automated reporting & recording delivery
  • Voice, auto-attendant and administrative phone system
  • Professional Custom prompts to inspire customer confidence
  • 90% if for less than 10% of the cost
  • 5 Levels of Security determine who is allowed to re-assign prospects, see or modify order and financial data
  • Order entry and processing
  • Track prospects, slaes and customer interactions
  • Integrates with VOIP phone system for call recording and tracking
  • Integrates with dialer for lead to customer tracking
  • Easy customization
  • Cost effective open source alternatives to expensive server, office applications, firewall, telephony and virtualization
  • Data based, security enabled web systems to allow your clients easy access to the data you want them to have
  • LAN, WAN and VPN systems for local and remote connectivity
  • Business Process Automation. We love to do this. Take any part of your business process that is a labor intensive pain, and let us analyze it. Chances are, we can make it so easy it will be invisible.


Technology Utilization Analysis

A comprehensive analysis of your business plan, process and current use of technology correlated with technology available and in use in your industry to provide recommendations on how technologies like automation and ecommerce could be used to improve your bottom line.

This analysis is broken into two parts. In the Business Process Analysis, we review the way information flows through your business and the work done on each step, then we provide recommendations on how your processes may be made more efficient through automation. In the Sales System Analysis, we look at the mechanics of how your marketing message is delivered to prospects, how inquiries are handled and how electronic marketing and/or data collection may improve your sales volume while lowering your cost per sale.

Custom Data Exchange Solutions

What we refer to as eCommerce is actually just exchanging data with outside systems like credit card and echeck processors, web servers, on-line databases and other companies.

For everything from ACH1 to XML2 , JRA provides systems that reliable, efficient and easy to maintain and expand.

Application Development

We develop custom applications that provide end-to-end automation solutions for any business process. If you need a few macros to automate MS Office or a sales management system that will interface with your order entry system, we will provide an economical solution that will grow with your business.

Technology Project Management

With the complexity of today's technology, no individual or company can provide expertise in all of it. Even something as simple as a shared, high speed Internet connection like DSL will involve three of four providers. This often leaves non-technical executives at a loss for how to manage and expedite the project. With more involved projects, multiple vendors often recommend different solutions based on the products they sell, making it very difficult for management to evaluate which is best for them.

JRA maintains associations with a broad range of technology providers so we can access experts in any of today's technology. We draw on this expertise to design a solution using the technology most appropriate to your situation. We obtain bids or negotiate with local suppliers for you, obtaining the best price possible from qualified providers. The we manage the project, every step of the way to ensure it is completed according to specifications and industry standards, on time and within budget.



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