Jerry Riggin
Senior Partner, J. Riggin & Associates, Inc.

jerry rigginFor the last 20 years, Mr. Riggin has been a consultant specializing in the use of modern marketing and technology to profitably grow a business. His client list includes large NASDQ companies like GTE, Cisco Systems and Jabil Circuit, as well as startups that have made INC Magazine's list of the nation's fastest growing companies. Mr. Riggin is a popular speaker for many trade associations and has taught technology, sales and marketing to thousands of business owners across the US and Canada.

Some recent publications and presentations are "How A Business Should Use the Internet in 1997" and "Intro to eCommerce for Dummies (Technology Management of Non Technical Executives)"

Mr. Riggin's unique combination of advanced technical knowledge and the ability to explain it all so clearly (even amusingly) has made him a popular speaker and trainer for corporations, professional groups and trade associations around the country.

While the majority of engagements today are technology oriented, he has a long history of consultancies providing strategic planning, marketing, business analysis and management consulting to a wide range of clients in the technology, construction, healthcare and professional service industries.

His clear understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by growing companies has been built from the shared experience of hundreds of growing clients over 25 years. By guiding clients around the many dead ends and booby traps between startup and stability, Mr. Riggin can provide a virtual road map for growing companies.

In 1978, Mr. Riggin was providing project management services for The US Department of Housing & Urban Development, The City of Wilmington, Delaware and a number of large and small construction firms. Then the computer revolution started with the Altair, the Apple II, then the Tandy. Job cost accounting in the construction industry was a prime candidate for automation.

In 1980, Jerry Riggin completed his first software development contract providing a Unix based reporting program that extracted accounting information from a COBOL accounting system and provided job cost information. A XENIX based system for estimating and tracking electrical constructions costs followed shortly after.

In 1985, while providing marketing and consultant training for a large management consulting firm, Mr. Riggin developed one of the first database marketing systems. This system produced promotional mailings to the company clients and prospects based on their client profiles. The success of this system contributed to the company's placement in the top 100 of INC Magazine's list of the nation's fasted growing companies.

While always maintaining a few management and marketing clients, in 1990 Mr. Riggin's practice started becoming more technology focused. In working with the technology staff in both small businesses and Fortune 500 level companies, Mr. Riggin quickly realized smaller businesses were paying a very high premium for implementing technology solutions haphazardly.

The world-class technology departments at large companies are headed by an executive with an intimate understanding of both the business problems and technology solutions available and could utilize a broad range of expertise in evaluating technology investments. On the other hand, small businesses made crucial technology decisions based on a brother-in-law's recommendations or the skill set of the first "computer guy" they hired.

Using the concepts of the construction industry, Mr. Riggin began providing the services of an architect, project manager or general contractor to small business for technology projects. This service provides the small business with access to the same resources as the Fortune 500, with each business paying only for the resources they actually use. The cost for maintaining project management, quality control and access to experts as needed is spread across the entire client base. This provides each client the benefits of an in-house, world-class technology department for a small fraction of the cost.

In 1998, J. Riggin & Associates was formed to provide structure and management to the groups of consultants and providers arranged and managed for each JRA client.

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